Welcome to DeMaanz Industries, a leading manufacturing & exporting company dealing in Medical Instruments such as Holloware instruments, Medical Sterilization Trays, Dental Cassettes, Tracheostomy Tubes, Orthopedic Instruments, Dental Instruments & Neuro instruments.

The company was established in year 2000 and since the inception of the company, quality of work, retention of customer satisfaction, skilled craftsmanship in all our products and contemporary innovation have led our company achieve a benchmark in our product’s quality and making difference towards our services at the same time.

The company enjoys a strong reputation in manufacturing premium quality products meeting all international standards. Besides this, we also adhere with prescribed rules for Child Labor following ILO rules, monitoring and implementing Health & Safety regulations, Environmental issues and complying with social compliance responsibility.

All our skilled force is backed by our research and development department that always looks through the innovative ideas, researching on improving quality standards and certain measurements to finally produce products at optimum quality.

In the end, we reiterate our words ensuring all our existing and potential buyers for providing them best possible service, in time deliveries, and product quotes meeting their budget lines and at the same time enjoying an opportunity towards best deals of premium quality products.

We warmly welcome all incoming inquiries concerning our products, quality standards or competitive quotes.


Our instruments uphold uncompromising quality standards, ensuring durability and reliability for enhanced practitioner skills and patient experiences.

Comprehensive Range

From diagnostics to specialized treatments, our company offers a comprehensive range of instruments to meet diverse needs in modern medical practices.


Leading in innovation, our medical instruments incorporate cutting-edge technology for precise diagnostics and efficient treatments.

Research & Development

Investing in ongoing research, we collaborate with medical professionals to refine and expand our product line, ensuring access to the most advanced instruments.

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